Check out the 38-inch OLED display in the 2021 Cadillac Escalade

Check out the 38-inch curved OLED display in the redesigned 2021 Cadillac Escalade
Image Credit: Cadillac

Check out the 38-inch OLED display in the 2021 Cadillac Escalade. Cadillac will fully unveil the screen on February 4, 2020. This screen is more than just huge, it’s high tech. Cadillac released this teaser video showing what’s coming for the Escalade. 

This enormous screen is a curved OLED display and the first in the industry. Cadillac hasn’t released specific information regarding the exact resolution, but claims the pixel density is twice that of a 4K television. The OLED screen will be very sharp with spectacular color representation, plus the best blacks that a screen can deliver. Most infotainment screens in cars are flat displays, but Cadillac loves the curved screen technology. 

Some other features from the teaser video include Super Cruise. The green light stretches across the steering wheel, indicating that new Escalade will offer the semi-autonomous driving technology. There is a quick glance of several shiny buttons, but you can’t really differentiate what’s what. 

Cadillac says they are going to reveal the new Escalade in Los Angeles during Oscars week. The automaker is going high brow on the red carpet to escort some of the stars to the show. This is great place to show off the new redesigned Cadillac Escalade. 

Video Credit: Cadillac

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