Byton electric SUV showing off the large screen and steering wheel at CES

Image Credit: Byton

Last year at CES, Byton revealed its electric SUV M-Byte Concept and now it’s returning to the 2019 show more production-ready. With level 4 autonomy introduced last year, clients are meant to ride in this SUV versus drive. Byton’s vehicles are built around Aurora, a self-driving technology. Hopefully, CES will answer a lot of questions surrounding the M-Byte addressing the screen, safety and production time.

A recent released photo previews an interior closer to the production model. It doesn’t seem like much has changed since the initial reveal. The high-resolution screen is still stretching across the dash. The steering wheel is the same general shape, but the screen on it is smaller. Physical buttons in the center information area appear prominently. Newly added are the stalks coming out of the steering column. The dash looks like the designed has changed from the original symmetric and simple concept. The cockpit is angled to be more driver-oriented. 

Byton secured $500 million in funding earlier this year to bring their electric vehicles to market. They are erecting a factory in China to produce their vehicles there next year. They plan to expand internationally in 2020. Byton is promising a relatively low price on its all electric SUV of $45,000. It will sport a 71 kWh battery pack for 250 miles of range, 30 minutes fast-charging to 80%, 200 kW rear-wheel drive motor. A higher-version will include a 95 kWh battery pack for 325 miles of range and a dual motor all-wheel-drive system. There is no pricing available on this version.

Written by: Andee Oehm

Byton Electric SUV

Image Credit: Byton

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