Bye Bye Chrome Window Trim

I finally worked up enough courage to tackle the chrome window trim. The Grand Cherokee only has a limited amount of chrome left. I really love the look on the new Grand Cherokee’s that come with the blacked out trim. The debate has been: do I Plasti Dip it, pay a shop to vinyl wrap it or buy the factory black trim from the dealership?
To be honest, I didn’t like any of those options. I did my research. People complained that debris from driving on the roads chipped up the Plasti- Dip. Paying someone a few hundred dollars was a no. The dealership was hundreds of dollars to buy the black trim. Add an additional five hundred dollars for the rear window trim. Yikes! No way!
So, I start project #3279! I ordered 3’ X 5’ 3M Gloss Black Vinyl, a couple of snap blade razor blades and a squeegee. For a first timer, this is an ALL DAY project including, but not limited to, lots of cussing. You might mess it up several times, until you find your groove. You will realize where to tuck and cut. You possibly will want to redo the first side…like me.
I started with the passenger doors. It looked the least complicated. They were pretty straightforward. Next, I worked on the rear windows. I did this in three pieces. You may be able to do it in two but, I couldn’t. I did a strip down the back center. After that, I wrapped the top and bottoms. It seemed to flow the best. I saved the front doors for last.

You will need to remove the side mirrors to get full access.  You will need to peel the door panels off to do that. You will need a 10mm socket, Philips head and a 7mm socket wrench. Pop the window switches out. With a trim tool, work your way around the door, popping the panel off. Once the panel is off, there are three 9mm bolts behind the tweeter speakers.  Unplug the mirror plug and unbolt the mirror. When that’s off, you can work on the trim.

Also, I did the front doors in three sections. I started in the mirror corners with a 12” X 10” pieces, got that into place and worked from the bottom trip to the top piece. Next put the mirrors back on, pop on the door panels and close the door.
Congratulations! You have completed this project. Whip out your phone, take some pictures because you just de-chromed your window trim.


Written by: Joe Oehm

Edited by: Andee Oehm

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