Brembo Brakes brings fun to Geneva

Brembo_caliper with reaclls to geometries of the
Image Credit: Brembo

Brembo brakes brings some fun to the Geneva Motor Show. The colorful caliper brakes implements art into the braking systems. Brembo is pushing beyond the basic colors of the brake caliper to create some personality to this small component behind your wheels. Brembo showed nine concept calipers, stating they were, “inspired by the world of fashion, design, art, and style.” The designs patterns include an argyle sweater, orange with a classic camouflage, greenery nature-theme, yellow-spotted feline coat, a 1970s yellow with brown and orange shapes, a 1990s with black and fluorescent characters, a gray glitter option, a dragon tattoo with a white background with black detailing and an abstract option that’s white with brightly colored people and funky poses. 

Brembo brought a fun, attention grabbing concept to the Geneva Motors Show, but none of the creative designs will go into production. The brand is always looking for ways to jump into the future, whether its technological advances or just some glitter and shiny colors for entertainment. 

Image Credit: Brembo

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