BMW Designworks and The North Face Light Weight Camper Concept

Image Credit: BMW

CES, in Las Vegas, brings out the exciting products of autonomy, virtual reality, connectivity and infotainment centers. Looking passed all the distractions and bright lights, Designworks, a subsidiary of BMW, teamed up with North Face to design a cool new camper. This trailer is composed of a new, breathable, waterproof fabric from North Face called Futurelight. Futurelight fabric is stretched across a geodesic dome frame. Similar to the brand Gore-tex, but Futurelight claims this material facilitates better breath ability and water resistance built with nanotechnology. The nano-sized openings come from the “Nanospinning” process used to create fabric’s fibers. The camper can sleep two people with its bunk-bed design and has two hexagonal entrances. It includes two triangular windows to enjoy the views. 

The concept Futurelight trailer was inspired by the eccentric 2008 BMW Gina Light Visionary Model concept car. The design team did give it a chunky rugged design marketed towards the outdoorsy consumers. The fabric construction is very lightweight, allowing a car, motorcycle or snowmobile to tow it. The fabric also gives it the diversity of being usable in warmer weather versus just moderate climates. Currently, the camper is only a concept. The Futurelight fabric of the camper will be introduced on new North Face gear this year.

Written by: Andee Oehm


Image Credit: BMW

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