Bentley teaser before Geneva Motor Show

Bentley Centenary Special Edition
Image Credit: Bentley

With the Chicago International Auto Show only a week away, automakers have already begun releasing teaser campaigns for the next exciting event. The Geneva Motor Show on March 5, historically produces some spectacular sports car debuts. This year will be no different, as Bentley and Italdesign, two brands owned by the Volkswagen Group showcase their recent collaboration. The Italdesign was specifically created under the Audi umbrella, but all the brands are sub-brands of the Volkswagen Group.

During the Geneva Motor Show, in Switzerland, Bentley will be celebrating its centenary year with a Le Mans historically inspired surprise. The teaser video showcases different historical details about the “9” graphic on the grille, creating a suspenseful curiosity on if this is foreshadowing of what’s coming or just respecting the hundred year journey. However, Bentley could be leading us towards the evolution of the brand. 

The teaser video freezes a few frames, showing very little on what Italdesign has been working on, except the lines on the car look very sleek. Italdesign is known for being secretive, before releasing partnership creations. In recent projects, Italdesign has collaborated with automakers for the Lamborghini Huracan-based Zerouno in 2017, followed by the Zerouno Duarte and Nissan GT-R50 in 2018. The wait is only five weeks, to get all the answers. 

Image Credit: Bentley


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