Audi disintegrates the R8 in the name of art

Audi disintegrates the R8 in the name of art
Image Credit: Audi

Audi disintegrates the R8 in the name of art. To celebrate ten years of the R8, Audi USA commissioned artist Fabian Oefner to create this amazing image. The image is complex, and yes, the process was just as complicated and time consuming. All the parts in the image are actual real parts from the R8.

The process to create the exploded car effect was a long process. Artist Oefner had a group of Audi technicians disassemble an entire R8 V10 Plus from the firewall back. This is usually the opposite of what technicians are doing on a daily basis. The engine, transaxle, and all of the electrical and cooling systems were pulled apart. The artist photographed each individual piece, and photoshopped the entire collection together to create the final image. 

Audi created a time lapse video showing the process and how the image took its final shape. It’s interesting to see the process in this video.

Oefner is no stranger to the idea of a disintegration process. He has done several in the past including one with a Lamborghini Miura, and a model Porsche 956 Le Mans race car. 

The Oefner R8 image is available to purchase. Audi is selling a 12.75-inch by 30-inch print on its Collection website for $24.95. 

Image / Video Credit: Audi


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