Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake in pink

Image Credit: Andy Palmer

With an Aston Martin, clients are already getting a premium sports car. The Vanquish Zagato is reaching ultimate level status, with the exotic shooting brake bodywork. This Aston Martin creation paired dynamic and material qualities with the prestigious Italian design-house Zagato, highlighting its spectacular sporting ability and beautiful luxury.  

The new bodywork is entirely shaped from carbon-fiber, using large one-piece panels on the body, creating an iconic design. It’s a quick, naturally aspirated V12 supercar with a very limited run of 99 units.. Some clients, still want more character and uniqueness, something to brand their own personalities.  

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer captured one bold choice with a picture posted on his Instagram. This client decided to make the move to be noticed, with a bright pink paint job. The Vanquish Zagato has pink paint, with black wheels and gold accents. It will definitely be a head turning when cruising down the streets. 

Whether the preference is a low-key classic or something beyond flashy, the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato can wear paint of any color and still make it look good. This is definitely not a traditional James Bond silver. 

Written by: Andee Oehm

Image Credit: Andy Palmer

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