Aston Martin Valkyrie To Get AMR Track Performance Package

Image Credit: Aston Martin

Aston Martin has announced a new package for their Valkyrie hypercar. They are offering 150 units of an AMR Performance Track Pack. Previously, information was only released on the Valkyrie AMR Pro. This package provides a road-going version of this beauty, as well as on-track performance. The pack’s track-only components, which are interchangeable with street-legal parts, are to deliver eight percent quicker lap times than the standard Valkyrie. 

The AMR Performance Track Pack has a new aerodynamic front clam to produce greater downforce and efficiency. It also adds another set of body panels, a suspension lowered two inches, light-weight titanium braking components and matte-black magnesium wheels with carbon fiber aero-disc set. 

With the automakers personalization program, Q by Aston Martin, buyers have the opportunity to be creative with the design. Using the fully-immersive virtual reality experience to view specification, customers can view all available options. For those choosing to keep their Aston Martin Valkyrie on the road, four Designer themes are available. The exclusive Valkyrie colors include Slipstream Green, Liquid Petroleum, Ethanol Silver and Maximum Orange. 

Every single element of the hypercar can be personalized, including performance options. Customers can literally build the car of their dreams. A fun option available is a personalized garage pit and race suit accessory package, providing owners with the enhanced track day and hypercar ownership experience. Aston Martin provides an unparalleled intimacy between design and ownership. 

Image Credit: Aston Martin



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