2020 Toyota Supra TRD gets Carbon Fiber goodies

2020 Toyota Supra TRD
Image Credit: Toyota

Last week at the 2019 Osaka Automesse, Toyota revealed a TRD Performance Line Concept version of the 2020 Supra. This is the first time TRD has mixed with the MkV Supra. The automaker kept the inline-six engine, so no power pump in this “Performance Concept”. To add downforce and stability, the TRD utilized enhanced aero parts made of carbon fiber. This concept includes a front spoiler, door garnish, trunk spoiler, side skirt and rear spats. The combination produces an extra amount of downforce with a lower center of gravity. The new aero parts give the Supra an aggressive appearance, like it’s ready to race.

The Supra TRD is rocking a different design on the 19-inch forged aluminum wheels, but very similar to the stock ones. Toyota didn’t add anything new to the suspension or braking system.

Expect a price hike with all the carbon parts added to the TRD Supra. With a stock price of $50,000 on the base Supra, you better start counting those dollars. On the Toyota’s Japanese TRD Parts website, there is a catalog of carbon-fiber parts that can be optimized for the Supra. No pricing or performance statistics are included, but it’s worth checking out.

Image Credit: Toyota


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