2020 Toyota Supra Photo Leaks

Image Credit: SupraMKV.com

The next-gen Toyota Supra sneak peak photos have made their debut. The undisguised, official pictures were emailed to people signed up for information about the release on Toyota’s German website. It seems to have been a mistake because the pictures were quickly removed and replaced with camouflaged images of the anticipated sports coupe. Several users on the Supra MKV forum immediately jumped onto the email request link getting their unabridged version. 

The photos show a vertical bar in the center of the lower fascia versus open in earlier concept photos. The design looks very similar to previously released renderings. Differences include the lack of the circular sensor covers at the corners. The pictures could be manipulated with photoshop to some degree. Speculation will come to an end soon because January 14, 2019, the Toyota Supra will be officially unveiled in Detroit during the Auto Show. 

Written by: Andee Oehm


Image Credit: SupraMKV.com

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