2020 Subaru Legacy teaser shots

Big screen and LED DRL lights will be revealed at Chicago Auto Show

2020 Subaru Legacy
Image Credit: Subaru

With so much anticipation leading up to the 2019 Chicago Auto Show, Subaru releases a couple of teaser photos of their redesigned sedan, the 2020 Subaru Legacy. Both of the teaser shots are excellent views of the interior and exterior. In a market populated by crossovers, being a sedan has its exclusivity. 

The Legacy doesn’t look outrageously different, but the design vision is clearly experiencing an evolution. The most noticeable change are the LED DRLs surrounding the entire headlights. Looking to the interior, a vertical center display screen looks larger than previous Subaru infotainment systems. The Legacy offers physical buttons to adjust the dual-climate control, tune the radio or change the volume, in addition to being available on the infotainment system. In the current market, the 12 inch infotainment system in the Ram, is the closest in size. The interior quality of the materials appear more luxurious, emphasized by a brown stitched leather covering the dash.

Enthusiasts will be able to test out the new infotainment system on the show floor, during the Chicago Auto Show on February 7. This is the seventh generation for the Subaru Legacy, and the automaker remains committed to their line of sedans, especially in a market of fluctuating gas prices.

2020 Subaru Legacy 2020 Subaru Legacy

Image Credit: Subaru

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