The locals of Detroit keep those phones ready to snap pictures of camouflaged vehicles. Recently, posted on Instagram was the 2020 mid engine Corvette C8. The sightings have been relatively rare. The mid-engined Corvette is a prime innovation for Chevrolet. However, the rumors of the mid-engine Corvette have circling for fifty years. The idea behind the mid-engine design is to improve cooling. GM has also filed for a patent for a clutch-by-wire design system that makes for a simpler clutch actuation system. Everything is still speculations surrounding the C8.

Noticeable is the giant angular air intake jutting out behind the door. The front bumper area has less mesh covering leaving a lot of metal exposed. This look is a departure from the norm, but most likely not close to being a finished product. The body lines give the Corvette sharp angles. It has a sizable rear spoiler, but it doesn’t protrude far from the rear hatch. Reports from GM of possible electrical issues may create timeline issues. The C8 won’t be making an appearance at the Detroit Auto Show this year. Projections to launch the 2020 C8, look like summertime. 

Written by: Andee Oehm

Image Credit: rhurren505


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