2019 RAM 1500 is getting multifunctional tailgate

Let the tailgate war begin

2019 Ram 1500 Multifunction Tailgate
Image Credit: RAM

Automakers are constantly trying to keep up and stay competitive in the market. With the GMC Multi-Pro tailgate, Ram is showing up to fight the battle. Ram released their version of the the “Multifunction Tailgate” with the 60/40 split. First viewing of the new feature is on a red Ram Rebel; it displays a large black line running down the height of the tailgate, in an off-centered spot. It might appear a little less awkward on a black truck versus the red, but time will tell how people react to the aesthetics.
The option is true to its obvious name “Multifunction Tailgate” with the ability to open the standard way, by the release button on the handle or the remote release. Ram did release the statement that the tailgate suffers no loss in capability and still has a 2,000-pound load rating. The swing functionality allows the tailgate to open both sides like doors. With this feature, the owner can get closer access to the truck bed, making utilizing all the space easier. The benefits of the feature are easier loading and unloading, forklift accessible, and easy to wash out after the job is complete. The doors swing out to 88 degrees, and owners have the option to open one, either left of right, or both.
With both Ford and GMC having the bed step function on their trucks, Ram also implemented this feature, but separate from the tailgate. The step is out of sight, under the rear bumper until you “kick” it out. The bed step is out of the way completely, unless it’s needed. The tailgate battle started with Ford’s simple looking bed step, but the automaker has really gone back to the basic with its designs. GMC has the most complicated out of the group, with the process and size of the steps, and Ram is in the middle of the two. Consumers like the swing-out tailgate on the Honda Ridgeline, but time will tell on how useful it is on the trucks.
Check out the new Ram tailgate this week at the Chicago Auto Show. All 2019 Ram 1500’s can be equipped with the tailgate as an option for $995. The center step is an additional upgrade, but is only an additional $295. The options should be available in dealerships sometimes during the second quarter.

Image Credit: RAM


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