2019 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport

Image Credit: Porsche

The new 2019 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport is Porsche’s genuine race car. Grab those keys and head to track, because it is ready to race. Porsche offers an unique connection to the track with its brakes, steering and acceleration. This model is the ideal dream of Ferry Porsche to create a sports car that can compete on the track. With the implemented assistance programs, the Cayman GT4 Clubsport adapts to your driving requirements, whether novice or ambitious amateur.  It’s equipped with a race track optimized ABS and traction control giving the driver confidence on the road. The interior has a minimalist appeal with the focal point being the experience of the person driving. The six-point harness belt is attached to a narrow bucket seat. A small, anti-slip steering wheel is paired with carbon fiber paddle-shifters for accurate gear selection. The FIA roll cage keeps the driver professionally protected. 

There is no need to modify the engine and transmission transitioning between a sports car or racing on the track. The naturally aspirated 3.8-liter flat six-cylinder mid-mounted boxer engine surrounded by the axles powers agility between the drivetrain, chassis and steering. The 718 designation has an extra 40 horsepower compared to previous models, charging in at 420 hp. The doors and rear wing are made from a natural fiber composite that contains hemp and plant fibers from flax. Porsche is adventuring into the renewable material which gives similar benefits as carbon fiber. 

There are two version available. The base model is called “Trackday” equipped with a 21.1-liter gallon fuel cell, hand-held fire extinguisher and fixed shock settings. It starts at $153,000 (134,000 Euros). The upgraded model is properly called “Competition” designed with three-way adjustable shocks, a brake bias adjuster, onboard air jacks, automatic fire extinguisher system, quick-release steering wheel and a 30.4-gallon fuel cell. The pricing starts at $179,000 (157,000 Euros). Porsche has started taking order with planned deliveries beginning in February. 

Written by: Andee Oehm

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Image Credit: Porsche

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