2019 McLaren 720S Spider

Image Credit: McLaren

If attending the McLaren Automotive’s company Winter Ball, you saw the reveal of the 720S Spider. It’s being released 18 months after the launch of the 720S Coupe. McLaren made a few tweaks in comparison to the hardtop; they added frameless doors, a new rear spoiler design, and improvements and upgrades over the 650S Spider.

In the Spider, the roof is called the Monocage II-S. New carbon supports return the lost rigidity, after the tub discards the overhead spindle. Switching to carbon the Spider saves 15 pounds in the rollover protection structure, while keeping the slim A-pillars and header rails of the 720S. A new hardtop mechanism operates the standard all-carbon-fiber roof. McLaren went with an electrically actuated versus hydraulically, which provides additional weight loss but add performance. The roof can be raised or lowered up to 31 miles per hour, taking 11 seconds to complete. 

The roof can be stowed in the rear end’s redesigned carbon fiber deck, leaving a two-square-foot cubby underneath for storage when the roof is up. McLaren made the buttresses extending from the roll hoops to the fenders out of glazed glass. An electrochromic glass roof, that tints or goes all clear with the push of a button, can be ordered for customers wanting more skyward visibility. The glass top tints automatically when turned off, then returns to its last setting on restart. 

The M840T 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 has 710 horsepower and 568 pound per feet of torque. McLaren redesigned the underfloor aero and tuned the rear spoiler to manage the Spider’s airflow. With only a 108 pound gain compared to the coupe, performance varies by only a tenth of a second in some cases. On the scales, it’s 2,937-pound dry weight, which is 194 pounds less than it’s competition. The 0-60 takes about 2.8 seconds, clocking in at 212 mph. 

It comes available in Standard, Performance, and Luxury trims. They are adding Belize Blue and Aztec Gold to the color range, plus the Heritage hue Supernova Silver. It will be the debut of the 20-inch, 10-spoke lightweight wheels.

The configuration and order pages are now open, deliveries will start last first quarter of 2019. Participating in purchasing the 720S Spider will set you back about $315,000, which is $26,000 over the coupe.

Written by: Andee Oehm

Image Credit: McLaren

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