2019 Ford Ranger in hot demand

2019 Ford Ranger
Image Credit: Ford

With the recent introduction of the redesigned 2019 Ranger, Ford is experiencing a flux of demand from auto consumers. Ford says over 300,000 people have showed serious intent on purchasing the Ranger. This number is beyond what Ford expected, especially after only being available for one month. Kumasi Galhotra, Ford president of North America announced to the media, “Based on the orders coming in, and based on the hand-raisers, we think the demand’s going to be so strong, that starting in February our assembly plant will be going into massive overtime.” The Michigan plant was recently renovated to build body-on-frame vehicles just in time for the demand. 

The current mid-size truck market is led by the Toyota Tacoma, selling around 250,000 units in 2018. Coming in, a not so close, second was the combined sales of the GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado at 170,000 units. Ford doesn’t have the steam to overtake the Tacoma thrown yet, but will provide some serious competition in the mid-size truck market. Ford has created the stretch goal of 300,000 units, and are confident in the potential success of the Ranger.

The mid-size 2019 Ford Ranger will be priced starting at $25,395, with the turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This year will be exciting with the refreshed Toyota Tacoma, redesigned Ford Ranger and the highly anticipated Jeep Gladiator. All can be seen at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show next week.

Image Credit: Ford


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