2019 Corvette Grand Sport Drivers Series Edition

2019 Corvette Drivers Series
Image Credit: Chevrolet

Fans and enthusiasts get very attached to their favorite drivers, just like in any other sport. Some fans want to emulate it completely, and have the opportunity to drive the same vehicles. Various special NASCAR editions of Monte Carlos, Luminas and others over the years proves this point. Chevy is embracing this notion with the 2019 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport with four Drivers Series Editions. Recent Chevy Corvette drivers are the designers of the four editions. 

The Antonio Garcia Editions looks like the current C7.R race cars. It sports bright yellow paint, red hash marks, and a black stripe down the middle. The “Jake” Corvette flag skull logo is added to the stripe. The Tommy Milner Edition has a blue body with silver stripes and red hash marks like the C4 Corvette Grand Sport. The Jan Magnussen Edition is white with red stripes and gray hash makers. It will run on black wheels. All three of these editions will have a black interior. The Oliver Gavin Edition is gray with a single red stripe and red hash marks. It will also have black wheels. The Gavin edition is the only car of the four to have a red interior. 

A plaque will be placed in the interior with the name of the respective driver and the number of the Edition. The Drivers Series Editions are available on the Corvette Grand Sports only. It is available with all versions of the Grand Sports: 1LT, 2LT and 3LT. The package adds $4,995 to the 1LT and 2LT models. To get it on the 3LT version, it costs $5,995 to add the package. Sales for the editions will begin in spring. 

Image Credit: Chevrolet


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