2019 BMW i8 Formula E safety car

BMW Formula E Safety Car
Image Credit: BMW

The 2019 BMW i8 Safety Car premiered at the Formula E’s opening round for 2019 in Mexico on Saturday, February 16th. BMW just released the i8 Formula E safety car and it looks fun. It follows the color scheme of BMW’s Formula E race cars with quadrants of blue and white. The bold hybrid coupe has a big light bar on top to get racers’ attention, with the body covered in sponsor decals. The front splitter and big rear spoiler give the safety car some aerodynamic upgrades. One of less flashy upgrades include a custom carbon fiber rear hatch. On the interior, the FIA-approved roll-cage is fitted with a four-point harness and M4 GTS seats. BMW upgraded the stopping ability with carbon ceramic braking units. 

The 2019 BMW i8 Formula E safety car looks awesome, but is ready to deal with the demands of working at the race track. The battery powering the electric motor can be recharged wirelessly with Qualcomm’s ‘Halo’ technology. Peter Krams, Director of Innovation projects in e-mobility at BMW, has a busy road ahead of him.

The i8 features a mid-mounted turbocharged, 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine with 228 hp and 236 pound per feet of torque. Matched with the engine, the safety car pumps a combined 368 horsepower. BMW added two additional fans in the back of the car to prevent the three-cylinder engine from overheating. The i8 safety car sits lower than the road car, also wearing a different wheel and tire setup. Krams stated, “It could be faster but we haven’t modified the drivetrain regarding power.” Krams described the car as being an environmentally friendly sports car with a certain level of refinement. Looks pretty great to us. 

Image Credit: BMW

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