2018 SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee

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2018 SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee

It finally happened! I drove one of my favorite vehicles, the 2018 SRT Grand Cherokee!! I’m wearing a smile just writing this. Thank you to Baxter CDJR in Omaha, for loaning me this beast. It is definitely a check off the bucket list. This Saturday the sun was shining and not one cloud littered the sky. We enjoyed a couple of different Cars & Coffees this morning. We usually bring our own Jeeps to the car shows but this was definitely new eye candy. It was entertaining to see all the people pointing, googling and wearing out their fancy phones and cameras taking pictures.

      This Grand Cherokee is unique, that’s for sure. The 2018 SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee has all the options. The Rhino color is blue/gray in the light and almost black at night or in the shade. It’s a mean color and very eye catching because of it’s chameleon attributes. The seats are wrapped in Laguna leather. It feels so much softer and more supple compared to standard leather seats in a Grand Cherokee. The seats are equipped with  9 inch flip screens, which my 6 year old loves. The Panoramic roof is a must. It opens up the Jeep and looks amazing. A nice touch added to the SRT is the suede A pillar and suede headliner in all black.
        I’m still on the fence with the Carbon Fiber trim on the SRT. It has the matte finish on it, which made me feel like wiping it clean until the gloss shines. It’s not a deal breaker but not my favorite part.  Obviously, I’m a gloss kind of guy. I like to see the shine after detailing my vehicles. The leather wrapped SRT steering wheel with silver accented bottom looks and feels great driving. I am definitely a fan of that!
        Moving on to the outside of the Jeep, the SRT is just badass. Let’s talk about those Brembo Brakes (insert whistles and catcalls). They are beautiful to look at but they produce a ton of brake dust, which is annoying. I’m sure someone makes pads to fix that issue.
        Let’s talk about that 6.4L HEMI! 475hp!! The growl when it cold starts means business. Standing next to the Jeep while it’s running, you feel the power hit you while it exits out the dual exhaust. If you’re a car enthusiast like me, nothing can take away your smile.
        Driving the SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee is not like a normal Grand Cherokee. There’s this thought in my head the whole time, that this is a $84K machine. Do you baby it? Or beat on it? You quickly find a middle ground. Everyone looks at the SRT, whether it’s at stoplights, going through parking lots, or even parked. I’m on the same page. I do the same things when I see something like this out and about. It looks mean and sounds meaner.
        They give you different drive modes but I’m not sure why anyone would drive in anything but Sport mode? Nobody is buying this SRT who is concerned about fuel efficiency. That’s a joke. Sport mode it is. You can go into the Apps in your Infotainment center and go to the SRT pages to adjust the performance options.  The Sport mode in the SRT Grand Cherokee definitely feels opened up and tuned differently.
        I definitely enjoyed driving it! Do you need to own a $84k Grand Cherokee? No, but if you can afford it, ABSOLUTELY! It is the sexiest thing on four wheels. It has the power, literally, to keep you smiling every time you drive it. 



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