2018 SEMA Mopar Ram 1500 Builds

Image Credit: RAM

This year for SEMA, Mopar created two custom 2019 Ram 1500 trucks. We get to see two extremely different ways to upgrade the Ram. One is an Off-Road Ram Rebel, and the second one is a slammed street truck.

The Mopar built Ram Rebel uses the factory Ram lift kit to sit two inches higher than stock. It’s running 35-inch tires. Both trucks are running a concept hood which features aggressive scoops. This hood is not yet available for the public to purchase. There is a new matte black decal that will be available for Ram Rebels soon. The bed includes the Rambar sport bar, with Mopar auxiliary lights. The bed has a spray-in bedliner and a concept spare tire carrier. It gives it the Baja feel. Both trucks are also running the same 5-inch exhaust tips.

The slammed street truck is being called the Low Down. It’s lowered two inches compared to a standard Ram 1500. They are using a concept lowering kit that Mopar does not offer. Hopefully, after the auto shows we see something for consumers. They installed custom aluminum pedals. It’s running that aggressive scoop hood and 5-inch exhaust tips. The custom paint job looks mean. It is black over silver, with a stripe separating them painted in the same Brass Monkey bronze hue available on some of FCA’s wheels. It’s running a factory Ram wheel with a custom paint job.

Beyond the special parts and custom paint, most of the parts are out of the Mopar catalog, including the fender flares, spray-in bedliner, bed cover, 5-inch exhaust tips and cold-air intake. Most of the concept products are not in line for production, however Mopar will be looking for reactions and feedback. If consumers love what they see, Mopar will hopefully get the products into your dealerships.

Written By: Andee Oehm

Image Credit: RAM

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